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The most important medical exam of your life is also the most luxurious.

The Elitra Experience

From the moment you arrive and check in with your private Elitra Health host, you will realize The Elitra Exam is a completely different level of personalized medicine, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. The following is an at-a-glance view of what you can expect during your visit:

• WELCOME  |  One of our friendly hosts will greet you in the lobby, review all paperwork, help you check in and preview your schedule for the day.

• LOUNGE AND CHANGING SUITE  |  Your host will escort you to the changing suite and give you the chance to settle in.

• BLOOD WORK  |  We begin your blood work right away to minimize the time you need to fast, and to ensure same-day results from our on-site lab.

• BREAKING FAST  |  Following your blood draw, you will be able to relax and recharge with a light meal.

• IMAGING  |  Once you have finished breakfast, you will be escorted to our radiology suite for full-body imaging. Our technologically advanced suite provides a variety of radiology modalities including CT Scan, Mammography, X-ray and DEXAbone densitometry.

• PHYSICAL EXAM  |  Your physician will review your detailed medical history and perform a world-class, comprehensive, head-to-toe physical exam.

• SKIN CANCER AND DERMATOLOGY SCREENING  |  The physician will first discuss any possible skin changes with you, then conduct a thorough skin examination scanning for possible indicators of skin cancer or other problematic skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea or dermatitis.

• STANDARD SCREENING AND TESTING  |  Physician-recommended screenings and tests are now conducted; these typically include Audio and Vision screening including Glaucoma testing, Pulmonary Function, and checking your vital signs.

• CARDIAC STRESS TEST  |  One of our technicians will escort you to our cardiac suite where you will receive both a resting  electrocardiogram (EKG) as well as a complete treadmill cardiac stress test.

• COGNITIVE/NEUROLOGICAL ASSESSMENT  |  A physician will conduct a complete cognitive assessment and provide a detailed report and plan for optimal brain health.

• NUTRITION COUNSELING  |  A registered nutritionist will analyze your diet, prepare a personalized nutrition plan and discuss diet recommendations during your consultation.

• FITNESS/PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT  |  An exercise physiologist conducts a comprehensive flexibility, strength and cardiovascular assessment, creates a customized exercise and fitness program, then demonstrates and practices each exercise with you.

• RELAXATION  |  Following your Fitness/Physical Assessment, you will have the opportunity to relax with a therapeutic massage.

• CONSULTATION AND DISCUSSION  |  Upon completion of individual exams and screenings, the physician and clinical team members will consult with each other, discuss their findings and determine recommendations. The physician will then discuss the results and recommendations with you and answer any questions you may have.

• REPORTING  |  You will leave your visit with a detailed written report (same day reporting) and – with your consent – recommendations will be sent to your primary care physician. You will also receive a full, comprehensive report via email and/or mail.

•  FOLLOW-UP |  In the event that any follow-up is needed, as part of the Elitra Experience and through our strategic clinical alliance with Mount Sinai, your personal concierge will coordinate all follow-up care for you and you will receive preferred access and appointments to top specialists.


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