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Why Elitra | Our Expertise

Well above all.

The Elitra Health team are leaders and pioneers of elite preventative medicine. Our medical team and executive board is composed of innovators and difference makers who have positively affected the lives of countless patients and their families. For more than 30 years, the founders of Elitra Health have empowered more than 200,000 patients to take control of their health through early detection of chronic illness and disease. And our patients have benefited from recommendations to improve their health, referrals to trusted specialists, and potentially lifesaving diagnoses.

Influencers within many of the nation’s largest organizations including Fortune 500 companies, professional sports organizations and even government agencies trust Elitra Health to safe-guard their most valuable assets – their employees. When the goal is to live a long and healthy life, patients can be assured that the Elitra Health team is providing them the most complete, focused, medically appropriate executive physical exam available.

Through continuous research, evolving technologies and evolving healthcare practices, we continue to lead the revolution of proactive preventative medicine with one simple mission.
To keep you Well Above All.

Take greater control of your health. Call 1(888) 202-0128 or click here:

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