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The Elitra Difference

Our mission in creating the Elitra Exam was to combine the best possible medical/clinical experience along with a 5+ star patient experience – unlike any other comprehensive executive exam option in the US.

Here is a list of key items that differentiate Elitra Health from other national and international exam centres:


  • Elitra Exam: Elitra includes more advanced testing (bloodwork, imaging, cognitive assessment, nutrition counseling, exercise physiological assessment, and more) as part of its core Elitra Exam
  • Additional Testing Options: To make appointments as convenient and efficient as possible, Elitra offers a list of additional testing options that can be completed on the same day and at the same facility should a patient have specific concerns that need to be addressed. Additional testing options include – advanced genome testing, sleep apnea testing, food sensitivity testing, STD panels, advanced imaging, travel immunizations, and much more.
  • Time with MD: We only schedule 2-3 appointments per doctor team per day. Patients have the option to spend unrushed time with their clinical team to ask, answer, and review anything that is on their mind and all of our patients take advantage – the average time spend with our MDs is 2+ hours.
  •  Complete coordination of follow up care: Many executive exam providers view their role with patients as a one-time or once per year touch point to provide a “snapshot of their health.” At Elitra, we hand hold the entire post exam coordination of care and through our Mount Sinai alliance provide our patients with preferred access to appointments at the top NYC specialists when/if it is required.
  • Same day results: Unlike many other executive exam centers across the US, we strongly believe that reviewing all results (including lab and radiology) right at the end of the exam with the physician provides the greatest impact and the best venue for questions and discussion.  This is part of the extensive time we allow during our exams mentioned above.

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