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Advanced Testing Options

 Advanced Testing Options

The Elitra Exam provides our patients with a speciality services including a comprehensive physical exam, full results before they leave and an upscale luxury experience like no other. In addition to the Elitra Exam, specialty tests and examinations are available on-site to address specific concerns and provide even greater insights and peace of mind.

Women’s Health

• Pap Smear, HPV Test and Mammogram

Additional Testing Options

• Resting Metabolic Rate
• At Home-Sleep Apnea Test
• Weight Loss Health Coaching

Genetic/DNA Testing

• Hereditary Cancer Screen
• PathwayFit (Diet, Nutrition and Exercise)

Additional Imaging

• CT Heart Scan + Calcium Score
• Digital X-ray
• Carotid Screening Ultrasound
• Pelvic Ultrasound
• Virtual Colonoscopy
• CT Angiogram
• Screening Breast Ultrasound
• Mammogram

Advanced Lab Options

• Food Sensitivity
• Blood Type
• STD + HIV Panel
• Hepatitis Panel
• Sex & Energy Panel
• Mercury Blood Testing
• Advanced Lipid Profile


• Influenza
• Hepatitis A
• Shingles
• Pneumococcal Vaccine

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