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Elitra Health Executive Physical

The Best Executive Health Programs

Are designed to increase your healthspan.


Want to live a longer, healthier life?

Maximize Your Healthspan with Elitra Health

Sick of waiting in crowded offices?

The Elitra Executive Health Exam

Features No Wait Times

Worried about your future health?

Your Executive Health Screening

Provides a Same-Day Wellness Plan

80% of Strokes & Heart Attacks are Preventable

4X Higher Survival Rates with Early Detection

40% are overweight

1 cigarette = 11 minutes of life

Don’t Be a Statistic, Find Your Risk Factors With an

Elitra Executive Wellness Exam

76% suffer from stress

40% have low bone mass

at 65+ Alzheimer Risk Doubles Every 5 Years

25% of Diabetes Cases Go Undiagnosed

What is an executive health checkup?

Executive medical exams are comprehensive preventive health assessments featuring cutting-edge scans and tests most annual exams typically cannot even prescribe until it is too late. Executive health assessments focus on catching health issues before they become a problem to give you a full picture of your health resulting in tailored suggestions to increase your healthspan.

At Elitra Health, this all happens in one day at our single spa-like luxury location for your comfort, privacy, and convenience. The Elitra experience also includes a full medical history, nutritional & exercise consultations, and a health massage.

I had an amazing experience.

The efficiency of the day is something I will always appreciate, but the most beneficial is the time Dr. Nemetz spent with me.

David W.

Visit Our Amazing 7-Star Executive Health Clinic

Two Patients Max Seen for Two Hours or More

Two Patients Max, Two Hours+

You deserve personalized, undivided medical attention. Our doctors only see 1 to 2 patients per day and typically spend over two hours with them.

Elitra Physical Preventive Medical Exam
Perfect 5 Star Reviews

Perfect 5-Star Reviews

Don’t be a statistic, but please be another great review after you experience what white glove service and personalized care means at Elitra Health.

Unbelievably well coordinated and professional healthcare experience.

Would highly recommend.

James C

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