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The Elitra Difference

Our mission in creating the Elitra Exam was to combine the best possible medical exam along with a 7-star patient experience. We are a world-class wellness facility with a serene setting to help place patients at ease.  We see patients not only from across the United States but from many international locations such as Japan, London, China, France, Russia, Oman, Ireland, Kazakhstan, and more.

Here is a list of key items that differentiate Elitra Health from other national and international exam centers:


  • Elitra Exam:

    The Elitra exam goes well beyond a standard physical exam and includes advanced testing in its core exam that are not included in many other executive exam programs (blood work, cancer screening, imaging, cognitive assessment, nutrition counseling, exercise physiological assessment, and more). Our exam is the best method of early detection of current issues, as well as potential future areas of concern. Our team will create benchmarks to help monitor your health and plan for your continued longevity.

  • Luxury 7-Star Spa-Like Facility:

    We created a luxurious, 15,000 square foot 7-star facility designed with your comfort and tranquility in mind. You can enjoy our magnificent lounges and patient suites, which are equipped with showers and all the amenities needed to refresh yourself before you leave.

  • Same Day Results:

    We strongly believe that reviewing all results (including lab and radiology) right at the end of the exam with your physician provides the greatest impact and the best venue for questions and discussion. Our physicians sit down with each patient to review all these results in detail and ensure they are comfortable with the recommendations provided.

  • White Glove Service:

    One of our key differentiators is the quality of service that we provide through every step of the process – from scheduling an exam, through the exam prep and exam experience itself, followed with the coordination and assistance for anything that is required post exam. Our concierge and clinical staff are all hand selected and trained to provide a true 7-star patient experience. The feedback and referrals that we receive from our patients on a daily basis is a testament to the quality of our offering and the dedication of our team.

  • Time with World-Class Preventive Health Physicians:

    We only schedule 2-3 appointments per doctor team per day. Patients have the option to spend unrushed time with their clinical team to ask, answer, and review anything that is on their mind. The average time spent with our doctors is 2+ hours per visit.

  • Additional Service Options:

    To make appointments as convenient and efficient as possible, Elitra offers a list of additional specialty services that can be completed on the same day and at the same facility should a patient have specific concerns that need to be addressed. Additional testing options include – advanced genome testing, sleep apnea testing, food sensitivity testing, advanced imaging, travel immunizations, and much more.

  • Complete Coordination of Follow Up Care: 

    At Elitra, we hand hold the entire post exam coordination of care, and through our exclusive Mount Sinai alliance, we provide our patients with preferred access to appointments with the top NYC specialists when / if it is required.


Our team is always easily accessible to our patients. Just email or call your team members directly, or reach out to your Patient Concierge, and they will connect you with the team member needed. Follow up calls may be scheduled on an as needed basis.

Take greater control of your health. Call 1(888) 202-0128 or click here:


We are passionate about providing you with the best customer service available. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.