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Patient Testimonials & Case Studies

The goal of Elitra health is to provide early detection of medical issues patients may not normally find in a regular physical. Below are a few recent testimonials and case studies. For the privacy of our patients, we have kept the names and personally identifiable information in the case studies and Elitra Health reviews below confidential.

Case Study One

A healthy 29-year-old first time dad, working at a Brooklyn-based tech startup came in for his first physical exam since he finished college.

He exercised regularly, was fit, and had no reason to think anything was wrong with him. During his Elitra Exam, he was found to have thick, enlarged lymph nodes in his neck. “Listen,” the doctor told him. “These are not normal lymph nodes.

Something is happening here, and this will need to be investigated further”. Same day blood test results revealed the presence of an acute leukemia. The patient was stunned. He took time off from work to undergo treatment and is now in complete remission.

Case Study Two

A 54-year-old accountant from New York City was scheduled for a physical examination at Elitra Health.

He had been bothered for years by headaches and sinus congestion. He had a physical examination at a different, ‘conventional’ health care center three years before that showed his blood counts were a little high. At the time he was told that it was probably due to dehydration.

On examination at Elitra Health, he was ruddy in color and had pressure in his sinuses.

Complete blood counts showed a very high hemoglobin / hematocrit, and he was told immediately that he almost certainly had the disease polycythemia vera—a disorder that involves the overproduction of red blood cells.

This was the cause of his headaches and sinus congestion – not dehydration as the other health center had diagnosed. If left untreated it makes the blood thick and sludgy and increases the risk for strokes.

He needed to see a Hematologist urgently for treatment and Elitra Health helped arrange a specialist for him. Doing well, our patient now simply donates blood several times per year to keep his blood counts in the normal range.

Case Study Three

A 50-year-old hedge fund manager from Nassau County came in for the Elitra Examination.

He had known for a number of years that his blood pressure was probably not great, and he thought it was time that he did something about it. His workout routines hadn’t been going as well, but he felt fit and strong for the most part.

The Elitra Examination revealed a blood pressure of 180/104 and blood tests confirmed severe renal insufficiency (kidney failure) – probably brought on by ignoring his high blood pressure for too many years. A year later he was on dialysis but recently successfully received a kidney transplant. His blood pressure is now very well controlled.

Case Study Four

An otherwise healthy 72 year old woman came in for an exam. She had no specific concerns, just wanted to stay healthy and improve longevity.

Prior routine scans had never shown anything abnormal. However, the Elitra Exam dives deeper, and thankfully it did. A small mass was discovered on her pancreas. Our team had some concerns and ordered additional tests as pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to detect and often is not caught early enough to defeat. Our top subject matter expert partners were also called in.

It was discovered that there was a tiny cancerous mass hiding in that growth. Surgery was scheduled and completed successfully. The Elitra Exam helped stop this potential issue before it became a life-threatening problem.

What a fantastic experience I had at my Elitra Exam.

Dr. Matharu was so knowledgeable and helpful, and took a ton of time to talk with me. She answered so many questions I had, and had a great perspective and very helpful and concrete advice.  Alpa and Cynthia were both so helpful as well, and just delightful to work with. And Simon was so great, I loved surviving the stress test and appreciated his very specific and thoughtful recommendations. That doesn’t cover everyone but it was really a great day and your team deserved major kudos.
L.R. New York

The entire process was efficient, productive, and extremely well managed.

I’ve had executive physicals at a number of places, and Elitra Health was by far the best: Friendly staff, excellent facilities, and most critically- trusted and capable professionals across the board with a tremendous amount of one-on-one time, for a truly complete picture of my overall health. Thank you!
K.S. New York

Thank you all for a very positive experience again at Elitra Health.

I appreciate the level of care and efficiency in the way you work and consult with the patient. Please thank all the staff that assisted in my exam.
I have messaged my head of HR to thank him for supplying this benefit to his employees. It is certainly a great place to work when you know HR goes above and beyond in the caring of its employees. M. H., New York
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A golf buddy of mine had the Elitra Exam a few months back and he referred me to your office.

I was 54, a semi-retired wealth manager that felt great physically, but wanted to know what I didn’t know. A full look under the hood, so to speak. Upon arrival at the Elitra Health offices, I was blown away at how extravagant and elegant your offices were. They were more spa-like in nature than a regular medical office. I really loved the massage I got before seeing the doctor. During my examination, Dr. Nemetz reminded me that I had not yet had my first colonoscopy, and normally I should have gotten one by about age 50. I underwent the test and was found to have a fully-encapsulated Stage 1 cancer inside a 5cm polyp in the ascending colon. The malignant polyp was fully removed during the colonoscopy, and no surgery or chemotherapy was needed. If it had been three months later I’m sure I would have been facing the prospect of both or even worse. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Elitra Health for saving my life. Thank you!V.K., Scarsdale, New York

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You’ve got a beautifully luxurious facility and an amazing staff – right in downtown Manhattan.

I have never seen anything like it before. Dr. Dalipi was truly exceptional. In addition to the wonderful nursing staff you have, Dr. Dalipi herself spent more than 2 hours with me during my exam and then followed up with a phone call a week after my exam to see if I needed any assistance with my follow up care. I have already told multiple family members about Elitra Health and I can’t thank you enough for everything!K.F., Stamford, Connecticut

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Elitra Team,
Thanks so much for the note.

I enjoyed my day and appreciated your thoroughness and the opportunity to do a deep dive regarding my health. I also appreciate having all your contact information and the opportunity to reach out, if needed. Thanks again,

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Elitra saved my life!

I am a 62 year old healthy and fit Male. I am an avid biker, always watched what I ate, and never had any medical issues or concerns. I scheduled an Elitra Exam based on a referral from a colleague at work and I’m thankful that I did. As part of my exam, Elitra did a coronary calcium score that measures the calcium build up in hearts arteries. To my doctors (and my) surprise, my calcium score was in the 99% percentile for my age. Dr. Hernandez was amazing in explain to me what it all meant and the immediate next steps that he wanted me to follow. He had an Elitra RN schedule an appointment for me on the same day of my exam for a thallium stress test with a top cardiologist in NYC who determined that I needed to be scheduled for an immediate angiogram. I was admitted to the hospital the next morning and had 3 emergency stents placed to unblock one of my main arteries that had a 99% blockage. The doctors doing the procedure told me that any exercise with extreme exertion could have triggered a fatal heart attack. I have a lot of people to thank for pushing me to do this exam but a special thanks to Dr. Hernandez and the entire clinical team at Elitra!

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I highly recommended Elitra Health to all my colleagues.

It was a real pleasure meeting you and your team. I will see you next year for a follow-up annual exam.


Hello Dr. Nemetz,

Thank you again for taking the time with me, it was an invaluable experience. I don’t think I have any questions – your team was very thorough with their feedback. I look forward to seeing you next year, that would be amazing.

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Dr. Nemetz and the Elitra Team,

Thank you for following up. I left your office feeling more educated about my current health and future trajectory than ever before. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the exam and personal engagement. I don’t have any additional questions at this time but I do appreciate you reaching out. I look forward to visiting you again for a follow up exam next year. Thanks again,

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Dr Nemetz,

I want to thank you for a great healthcare experience on Wednesday. From the beginning to end working with you and the staff was nothing short of excellent. You have a great collection of different personalities who all clearly have the patient’s comfort and short and long term well-being at the heart of all of their interactions.

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The Elitra Team,

Thank you again – you made the day a very pleasant experience, with exceptional service all around. And I loved Dr. S- She was so caring and knowledgeable, and I can’t wait for next year.

We look forward to adding your success story to this list. We are confident an Elitra Exam will extend your longevity while improving quality of life. Every service we offer helps our team of physicians create a plan designed specifically for you.



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