FORBES – Elitra Health Puts Focus On Preventive Care

Read the Forces article by Jeanne Croteau about how Elitra exams helps you focus on preventing medical issues before they start. She starts off by assuring you our spa-like facility provides a world-class medical experience in one day that would normally take multiple specialist appointments over several weeks. Jeanne seemed most impressed with the comprehensive medical report (also received the same day) detailing the preventive medicine tests and action plan analysis by our team of medical specialists.

While the exam experience is a long one, she noted how stream lined and efficient our personal concierge led process is compared to the hours you may sit waiting just to be called in a standard doctors office. She also appreciated the therapeutic massage as the appoint wrapped up. But what did she like best? The “more than two hours spent with their medical team which is substantially more than the 15 minutes (or less!) that doctors typically give us.” plus our Mount Sinai alliance where our patient concierge will arrange all referrals and follow up appointments if necessary.


We are passionate about providing you with the best customer service available. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.