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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does an Executive Physical typically take?
The exam typically takes five to six hours. Appointments start as early as 6:30AM.
2. What are the benefits of an executive physical over the annual wellbeing exam provided by my doctor?
Comprehensive Testing

Primary care providers do not offer the range of testing and services Elitra Health provide. Our exams include – advanced laboratories, advanced imaging, mammography, bone density, stress and anxiety assessments, nutrition consultation, exercise physiological consultation, neurological assessment, same day results, and much more.

Physician Time

At Elitra, patients have the opportunity to spend as much time as they need with our world class clinical team. We only schedule our physicians for 2-3 exams per day to ensure that every patient gets the time and attention they need from their physician team. Each patient meets with their MD early in the day to review history and for a complete physical and then again at the end of their day to review all results and recommendations.

Coordination of Care

At Elitra, we hand hold our patients and assist them with anything they need in following up on abnormalities and go as far as coordinating and scheduling appointments with top specialists when necessary. We have an alliance with Mount Sinai Health System and have access to their concierge scheduling division which gets us preferred and expedited access to their entire network of physicians.  Additionally, we have many longstanding relationships with the NY Medical Community to provide preferred access to the top specialists in NYC when necessary.

Convenience and Efficiency

What we accomplish at Elitra in a single day would normally take 4+ appointments to complete if coordinated through the traditional health system AND we complete all our testing at a single location and during a single appointment which allows.

Same Day Results

Unlike a typical PCP and different than other executive exam centers, we believe that reviewing all results (including lab and radiology) right at the end of the exam with the physician provides the greatest impact and the best venue for questions and discussion.  This is part of the extensive time we allow during our exams mentioned above.

3. Do I need to coordinate with or notify my health plan?
Elitra Health is an out of network benefit that is not covered by traditional health plans. Payment can be made via FSA or HSA plans. We also accept the Armada plan.
4. What tests/services are included in my executive physical?
The following components are included for all patients.
• In-Depth Review of Medical and Family History
• Complete physical examination (90+ minutes with a physician)
• Skin Cancer and Dermatology Screening
• Audio, & Visual screenings
• Tonometry (glaucoma testing)
• Spirometry (pulmonary function testing)
• 12 Lead Resting EKG with interpretation
• Exercise cardiac stress test
• Coronary Calcium Scoring
• Advanced lab studies
• Urinalysis
• Prostate Specific Antigen (males 50+)
• Thyroid Function Test (50+)
• Stool examination for occult blood (colon cancer screen; 40 +)
• DEXA Scan: Bone density scanning
• DEXA Scan: Peripheral body fat analysis
• Mammography Pap Smear & HPV Screening (female)
• Nutritional consultation with registered dietician
• Immunization history review, Influenza vaccine, TDAP vaccine
• Exercise Physiologist – Fitness assessment with recommendations
• Digital Chest X-Ray- (if medically indicated)
• Multi-Page Narrative Report
Additional services available include – virtual colonoscopy, ultrasound, full body CT
scan, advanced genetic testing, sleep apnea screenings, travel immunizations, sex &
energy panels, and more.
5. Why Elitra Health?
With 20+ years of experience and many Fortune 100 and individual clients, Elitra Health is the premier provider of comprehensive/executive exams in the United States. Our exams rival the top executive hospital programs across the United States and our service, follow up care, and luxury facility are second to none.
6. Where does the Executive Physical occur?
Elitra Health’s signature facility is located at 255 Greenwich Street Suite #520, New York, NY 10007. The facility is a state of the art 15,000 square ft medical center which includes all screening, testing, imaging, labs, and physician consultations, completed in a single location, during a single appointment.
7. What should I expect when I arrive?

Review our executive physical experience page for an overview of a typical exam day. You will receive a personalized summary of what to expect and how to prepare once your appointment is scheduled.

8. How do I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled by contacting Jennifer Wiseman, Elitra Health’s dedicated patient concierge at (646) 362-4542 or via email at

9. Who should arrange travel, if needed?
You are responsible for the cost of any travel arrangements. If you need assistance with travel arraignments, flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, please contact our concierge department at 888-202-0128.
10. Are meals provided?
Yes, breakfast and/or lunch will be provided. Your meal preferences will be requested when your appointment is scheduled.
11. Will my doctor receive the results?
Yes, you will be asked to provide your doctor’s name and contact information when you arrive for your physical. Elitra Health will provide your doctor with a copy of your exam results.
12. Does Elitra help with any follow up needs after my physical?

Yes. Through our strategic alliance with Mount Sinai Health System, our concierge team will coordinate all follow up care and specialist referrals preferred appointments or with your local specialist as needed.

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