Full Body Scans Alone Are Not Enough for True Preventive Health

by | Oct 2, 2023

There is a lot of buzz around full body scan services questioning their worth, cost, and relationship to true preventive health designed to increase your healthspan. These questions emphasize the importance of the Elitra Difference. While we believe these types of scans can be very valuable, the real danger lies in the method. Receiving a full body scan can provide you with a wealth of information, but who interprets it? Who helps you take those necessary follow-up steps if it uncovers a potential issue? Who creates an actionable wellness plan to help ensure future scans reinforce your healthy lifestyle?

Preventive medicine is more than just a full body scan.

Elitra Health provides a comprehensive preventive health exam. While the Elitra Exam utilizes our on-site cutting-edge radiology suite to provide such scans, they are only a fraction of your full day health experience. We do not just provide you with a medical scan and send you off to have it interpreted and acted upon. You will meet with world-class physicians, exercise physiologists, and registered dietitians who run a full battery of tests, including blood work, to form a complete picture of your health and potential risks to your healthspan.

Your Elitra Health team of preventive medicine specialists will interpret all results and review them, along with any other medical questions you may have, the same day. We provide a detailed report of your current health, outline any risk factors, and help develop an actionable, personalized wellness plan designed to keep you healthy. The Elitra Exam is not just a body scan to look for potential indications of disease. It is a true preventive medicine check-up designed to improve your health and help you enjoy your life for as long as possible.

When, and if, indications do show up we are with you every step of the way. Elitra Health has a powerful partnership network, including an exclusive alliance with the Mount Sinai Health Network. We will utilize these resources to seek second opinions and secure priority appointments to ensure appropriate follow-up actions are taken. Our physicians work with your specialists to ensure continuation of care before, during, and after any potential required procedures.

We take great pride in our personalized approach to preventive medicine. The Elitra Exam is not a one-size fits all scan. In fact, we may not even recommend such scans if they do not seem warranted. Every exam experience is tailored based on your needs, family history, and current health. A personal concierge will guide you through our 7-star wellness facility during your full-day spa-like health exam. Your experience includes no wait times, catered lunch, and health massage all in a private, safe space.

Go beyond a scan, experience an Elitra Exam.


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