PEOPLE – We Tried a $5K ‘Executive’ Physical Exam — Is it Worth the Money?

See the People article by Sheila Cosgrove Baylis for a writeup on the benefits of an Executive Exam. She explains how her initial skepticism over a high end exam was overcome compared to the rushed and disinterest process of a private care practitioner. Sheila was impressed with our spa-like atmosphere, friendly and attentive concierge service, well-organized low waiting times, and gourmet food service. Though her favorite part was the futuristic coronary calcium score test run by Dr. Nemetz, who explained how the results of the test can help Elitra create plans that reduce the risk or completely prevent future heart attacks.

Our favorite quote from here article was: “Overall I had the equivalent of what I measured to be at least seven doctor appointments in the span of a little more than five hours — one of the reasons the service appeals to time-crunched executives.” And her assessment was the cost was worth the value in finding potential indicators and creating a prevention plan that would save a lot of money, time, and distress in the future while potentially adding years to your life.


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